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Humio Air Humidifier

Humio Air Humidifier

Wellness atmosphere in every room

Dry nose, chapped lips, poor concentration, headaches
... these are just some of the negative effects that dry
air in your rooms can have.

  • Pleasant air humidity for your sense of well-being.
  • Soft light with a streaming sequence of colours.
  • Easy to use and clean.

Atmospheric sequence of
colours, with a smooth change
between red, blue and green.

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For a simple and effective answer to all of them, all you need is the Humio air humidifier! The Humio turns the water into mist for a pleasant and cooling effect. At the same time it also provides soothing light with a regularly changing sequence of colours. Thanks to its small size, stylish design and energy-saving LED technology, the Humio Air Humidifier is the ideal air humidifier for any room.
You will simply love the new wellness atmosphere in your home or at the office.